Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette $$, 5-String

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Colours Available in Left Hand
Nirvana Black Transparent Satin
Natural Transparent Satin
Burgundy Red Transparent Satin
Honey Violin Transparent Satin
Ocean Blue Transparent Satin
Solid Black High Polish

Colours Available in Fretless
Tigerstripe Ebony Fingerboard

Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette $$ 5 String

Teambuilt Pro Series
Corvette Teambuilt $$
Currently 9-10 Months
4 Years
Warwick Teambuilt Pro Series Corvette $$
5-string electric bass
34″ (864 mm) longscale scale length
US Swamp Ash body
Bolt-on construction
4-piece laminated Ovangkol neck
Wenge fingerboard
26″ fretboard radius
24 brass jumbo frets
Just-A-Nut III Tedur nut
Nut width 45.0 mm / 1.8
Passive MEC MM-style pickups
Active MEC 2-way electronics
Controls for Volume (P/P) / Balance / Treble / Bass
Warwick machine heads
Warwick 2-Piece 3D Bridge and Tailpiece
String spacing 16.5 mm / 21/32″
Distance B to G string 66 mm / 2 19/32″
Warwick security locks
Warwick Black Label Strings (40301 M) .045″-.135″
CO2 neutral production
Chrome hardware
Approx. weight 4.3 kg
incl. Warwick Pro Series User Kit (RB PROD WGPS TOOL CO)
incl. Starline RockBag (RB 20505 STARLINE)
Made in Germany

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