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Welcome to the official Bass North ArTiSt Page!

This is a place for the whole world to see that playing the Bass is for everyone, and that everyone who plays the Bass is an artist!

You needn’t be a recording artist. You needn’t be a professional. You needn’t be in a Band. Maybe you just love playing Bass for yourself. Maybe you play Bass simply because you love it.

Come on and join the fun! Join the Page!

You can send a simple picture of you and your Bass with a note that says…Bass North sucks and Mark made me do this! Lol!

I guess I’m saying that Sarah and I would love to have you join the Bass North Family and ArTiSt Page so that others can see, no matter who you are. No matter where you are in your musical journey, we are all artists that share the same passions, which is to play Bass and be a Bass Player.

At any moment in time you can send your picture/links/bio and whatever it is you’d like to say about being a Bass Player and your experience with Bass North to

Looking forward to hearing from you soon! Play that Bass!!!


Michel "Momo" Laredo

My Name is Michel Laredo aka Momo and I’m a Bass Player, Multi-instrumentalist, Producer, Editor and Director.

I have been working in the professional music scene from every angle for over 4 and a half decades.
One thing I know for sure is that forging long term relationships with knowledgeable and trustworthy individuals in this business is the key to longevity in your craft.
Mark Smith from Bass North is one of the world’s rarest resources, his loyalty, and respect of the individuals that come in contact with him in all that is Bass and Bass gear related is so rare and appreciated that I can’t say enough about him and Bass North.
The personal one-on-one attention that I am blessed with as well as how I see him do the same with everyone he comes in contact with truly inspires me.
He is a one on one service master for all Bass Player’s needs and then some.
I have acquired some of my most inspiring gear that delivers the instant mojo I dream of from Mark at Bass North and highly recommend any Bass Player to join Bass forces with him .
Thank you, Mark and Sarah, for all you have done for me and all the players around the globe.
Love and eternal respect


I’m going to tell you about my Journey about how and why I fell in love with the Bass guitar and what it gave me back after over 5 decades of chasing the bottom end dream.
I was 14 years old and used to listen to my favorite radio station on my clock radio where they played all the latest and greatest hits of the week in the early 1970s.
I remember hearing the Jackson 5, I want you back and ABC. There was also Sly and The Family Stone, I want to take you higher, Dance to the Music and Everyday people. I started to realize that there was something going on with the Bass in these tracks that really was the beginning of my attraction to the instrument.
Also watching The Midnight Special and Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert this really amped up my love for the instrument when I saw Tiran Porter, bassist of the Doobie Brothers playing Long Train Running on a Rickenbacker, I stopped everything I was doing and got a bunch of part time jobs and ran out and bought myself my first Rickenbacker Bass and learned to play that song immediately.
I quickly realized that I was not going to be a cover guy and started writing my own songs on the Bass right away, I seemed to have a knack for writing memorable riffs and creating arrangements on the bass from the very beginning and also having started off on some guitar at 13 years old I was already playing cords and faster types of riffs on the bass that most bassists were just not doing yet.
By the time I was 16, I was in a 3-piece band playing originals and won the battle of the bands at my high school as the Bassist, singer songwriter in a 3-piece rock band.
By 18, I was fully in love with progressive music and Chris Squire from Yes, bands like ELP, The Who, and Led zeppelin’s Bass Players started to really influence me so I joined my first full progressive original band where we wrote 7 min epic type of super complex kinds of songs that till this day, I have no idea how we remembered all those notes!
It was then that I got my first 8 string Bass: a Kramer xl8 Bass, fresh and new and it blew my mind as well as anyone who saw and heard it.
Working with that band taught me so much about non-standard Bass playing, as well as mind and muscle memory, since none of us read music and only had a recording tape ghetto blaster to record ourselves with, or we would have never remembered all those awesome jams we turned into our actual original songs.
Strangely enough it is still how I do things today when I write my Bass songs and lines in a one take jam style where I then actually have to relearn myself after the one take recordings I do so often.
This Bass Journey has made me meet so many great people and have so many awesome experiences like meeting my friend Enzo of over 45 years who also happens to be a friend of Mark Smith at Bass North today. How wild is that but Enzo and I used to trade exotic and never before seen Basses all the time after that progressive band!
Insane old fenders, and Musicman Basses, some of the very first Spector Basses ever made to one of a kind high end handmade instrument.
I feel so lucky to have experienced and owned such wonderful music inspiring basses from such a young age and when it was all brand-new innovational times and still totally fresh with possibilities that haven’t happened yet.
Because I played Bass, and learned how to write and arrange, as well as produce and work with so many people in the industry for the love of music and its advancement for my career,
So many doors opened up just because of this Bass journey that brought me to so many other very important phases of my life.
For 5 years I became a major touring and booking agent, thanks to that I met my soulmate and my wife of 40 years on a subway ride to work.
When that job was over my wife and I became jingle and song writers and started producing other artists and working full time in various recording studios.
We also started our own personal music projects and won: Songwriter of the year as well as other song writing contests in Europe.
All this because of my love for Bass and all the things it led me to out of the love of chasing Bass and music.
It also brought me to head the A&R department for Ubisoft, one of the world biggest game companies where I got to write soundtracks, and direct multimillion dollar projects which then added even more skillsets to the tool box that would create our independence as self-running artists.
My wife Crila would then become a world class photographer in a very short time working with all the major magazines and artists as well as being endorsed by Canon cameras.
I then embraced the art of digital filming, directing and editing and won director and editor of the year for a film production company after only doing a few videos.
The journey kept evolving in music and bass land when I met my dear friend Matt Eichen from Musicvox guitars where several years after our meeting he blessed me with my signature Momo 8 and 12 string Basses.
It is at this point where I really realized the power and possibilities of what I could do as a solo Bass Player using this type of multiple string instrument.
This brought me to a whole new level of people through the power of the internet, magazine covers, bass articles, becoming a prominent interviewer on Bass Musician Magazine interviewing some of the world’s Best Bass Players from Alain Caron to Bill Sheehan to the great Brandino.
It also brought me to getting love from companies like Darkglass, Dingwall, TWA , Morley and Tech 21 and meeting the great Mark Smith from Bass North all because of my love of bass and where it took me throughout my life.
Presently I am working on a really unique approach for a course on writing, producing and presenting yourself on the web as a Bass Player that will be announced in the next few months.
It is totally different from anything else that is out there today and is a roundup of everything I taught myself over 5 decades of what the Bass has blessed me with in opportunities as well as my very own approach to working and learning at the speed of your heart and dreams and making it happen in record time.
I am also putting together a really cool duo with my wife Crila that is basically just bass and drums and her on vocals and a few guitars here and there, some really cool stuff that we are very excited for people to hear.
I want to thank the Bass guitar for all that it has shown and given to me throughout my life , it has shown me love, it has given me discipline, it has been a major calling card for some of my biggest opportunities as well as meeting some of the greatest most talented people on earth and some of my true lifelong friends and partners that I would have never been able to be part of without you!!!!! I love you Bass and will thank you eternally!!!!!

Noah Nikolas Laidlaw

My name is Noah Laidlaw from bands Planetkiller, D4C, DRAGONCORPSE and a million more (feels like it) . My experience as a bassist had been a wild roller coaster from being a young kid playing jazz music all the way up until now working with staples in the deathcore scene driving a name for myself and trying to show others that the stigma about bassists is wrong.
My experience with Bass North has been nothing but excellent. Mark is truly someone I wish to work with in the future more and someone I’d recommend to anyone in my community, they are incredible to work with , and the bass I received from them (corvette proline 6 string) was in 10/10 condition , it was packed to utmost excellence so I know absolutely nothing could’ve happened in shipping , if you’re in need of a boutique bass or any accessories bass’s need this is your one stop shop , I would absolutely go to no one else in Canada for my bass needs! 
– Noah Nikolas Laidlaw, extremely satisfied customer

Corey Branvold

Just thought I would participate in your creation with a couple of snaps from this past weekend, our band Switch closed out Saturday’s festivities in Carlyle, SK as the final band of the day. My Dingwall D-roc that you so kindly provided me was praised by the bassist of the band on stage before us (a fellow Dingwall player, Super P was his axe of choice I believe) as he loved the look and the auditorgasm (I can invent words can’t I?) that it produces. I wish Bass North all the best in the future and look forward to future “investments” with you!

Brent Hodgkinson

Hi Mark! I’d love to be a part of this!

I’m in a rock/metal band called Sunset Gore, we are from Vancouver, BC.

We are currently recording a new album and will be releasing it in the next 3-6 months! In the meantime, our last singles are Caffeine and Obsidian: 

I currently play a Sadowsky Metroline PJ5 and a Warwick Thumb VI. My amp is a Bergantino Forté HP (1200W) and a Bareface Big Twin 3 cab (2×12, 1600W).

I ONLY use Sadowsky strings for my Sadowsky bass, so I’m so thankful for you guys at Bass North for supplying them!

Link here:

I also post regular content on my own instagram page, shlapadabass:

Benjamin Challet

I almost didn’t become a bass player, when I was younger I played drums, trumpet and trombone waiting for a chance to play guitar in school because obviously all the “cool people” play guitar. One day my best friend came back from a rock show and wanted to start a band and told me he wanted to be the guitarist and that I should play bass, we went back and forth for a while debating… more like arguing how teenage brothers would and eventually I agreed. I thank him frequently for being just as stubborn as me back then because I love the bass and it’s the perfect instrument for me. When we started learing our teacher recommneded we start with classical acoustic guitar, learn the basics and foundations, learn how to play multi finger picked spanish stuff, and then once I was ready switch over full time to bass (in music class I still got to play bass during this time) I am eternally grateful for all of it, every now and then when I pick up a guitar and play I can’t help myself think: fuck bass is the best, I love the bass, guitar is cool and alright, but bass is KING. I love being the glue between the drums and the guitars, playing in that nice pocket where you lock in and create the backbone of a song, playing off the drums and creating the sweet rhythm section that drives and keeps a song going strong while also being able to play and have fun with the lead lines, moving forward and leading when the song asks for it. I have never been one who enjoyed being in the spotlight so that also works very well for me, the guitars, keys, vocals etc can have all the full glory I just enjoy providing that sweet sexy low end boom and groove. Warwick is my jam, the tones, the quality, the feel of the craftsmanship is exceptional and from the first time I heard a Thumb on an album I fell in love with that bass. So I was extremely happy to find out that Mark had started up Bass North to offer me and others like me an honest, reliable and professional person to turn to for getting some of these harder to find basses like Warwicks, Spectors, Sadowskys etc. Mark went above and beyond to help me get the build started on my dream bass, from the start nothing but amazing experience and looking forward to many years of buying gear from him.
Hope this is all good and what you need Mark and feel free to edit what I said and all that, not sure if you want to put “fuck” in there but figured it drives home the point of how awesome the bass is hahah. Hope all is well and let me know if you need anything else from me.

Also before I forget: thank you so much for working with me to get the build going on the Thumb, you are amazing and the fact that you would do that to some new random person you obviously don’t know is incredible, I am eternally grateful. I will be going down to London sometime in late January/early February after I’m back in the country so I would love to come check out the shop and meet you in person.

Have a merry christmas, happy holidays and happy new year.


Personal Instagram page 
Live Animals 
Stones On Neptune
High (on hiatus)

Fernando Perez

Really cool idea brother!
Fernando Perez – Morbid Bass

I like remembering when I got my first bass, it was around 2005 in Bogota, Colombia. I had no idea of how to play it but I was determined to become a bassist and form a death metal band.

It’s 2022 now, I got a new bass online with Bass North, delivered to Toronto, Canada, in a very short time by the way, and our Blastphemous debut EP has been released through Brutal Mind, our label from Indonesia.

We recorded Living Among Holy Corpses during pandemic times with most of the practice at home. I focused on developing a deeply low sound for Blastphemous while playing fast and a bit dirty, not using clean tones and including short dissonances.

As for Goreobscenity, I’m in the middle of writing the bass for our new stuff, we wanna release a demo soon, play live concerts, and I cannot wait to show you what I’ve been doing with my NS Pulse II Spector.

One of the things that I like the most about my UltraViolet instrument is the curved swamp ash body design, it feels very comfortable. The EMG pickups and the active preamp allow me to play brutal death metal with the tone we like.

This experience with Bass North aligns perfectly with my desire of providing more extreme music to the people in the underground. It’s sick to have a partner helping you out in the gearing up and exposing your aRt!

Blastphemous – Facebook:

Blastphemous – Instagram:

Goreobscenity – Facebook:

Goreobscenity – Instagram:

Follow me on Facebook:

Follow me on Instagram:

Blastphemous Bass Playthrough:

Blastphemous EP Stream:


Pete Mitchell

Bass is Super Cool and Fun!!! I loved how it is tonal and percussive at the same time. Filling that spot between drums and guitars is super satisfying.
Most Memorable Gigs!
– [Before the Damned] Opener for KILL DEVIL HILL at Norma Jean’s
– [Before the  Damned  ] Opener for ANVIL at London Music Hall
– [Mankind] Showcasing for Atlantic Records A&R rep at the Gasworks in Toronto
I have dealt with both Bass North and Mark himself for about 4 years. Mark is a wealth of knowledge and is super committed to being a resource for all bass players. He has helped me explore all my options for purchases and has some great advice. I’m sooo glad there is a place to access the brands carried at Bass North here in Canada. Always available, professional, and enthusiastic, it’s always great to deal with Bass North.
– (2017) Loaded Crows – 27K –
– (2013) Loaded Crows – Harbinger –
– (2010) Before the  Damned  – Unanimosity –
– (1998) Mankind – Swim –
– (1994) Mankind – Stone City – 

Annette Brosin

What a great initiative! I’d love to share my bass experience

Here we go:

Having played different instruments in many bands and having studied sound engineering and getting my PhD in contemporary music composition, the bass is my main instrument. I love “holding it down” for the band, no matter the genre of music. The power of even just plucking one note making entire venues shake to the bone gives me great pleasure and makes for a beautiful refuge from day-to-day life.

I’ve discovered Bass North on my search for distributors for Nordstrand preamps and am feverishly awaiting the arrival and install into my beloved BTB 1605. Mark has been extremely helpful and great to communicate with! I’m glad to have found his shop online!

My two current active bands:

Cheko y Su Combo

The Good God Dam

Cheers from Van Island!


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