Sadowsky Basses in London Ontario

About the brand

In the early 1980s, a heated vintage market pushed guitars and basses out of reach for working musicians. Roger Sadowsky realized that it would make more sense to build an instrument from scratch incorporating everything great about a Fender bass, plus everything he brought to the table. 

A background in acoustic guitar building helped him to build a lightweight, acoustically resonant instrument. His studio-proven expertise in shielding and hum cancelling technology produced instruments that were significantly quieter than many others on the market. And his longstanding reputation for employing only the highest quality materials and workmanship resulted in the creation of superior instruments.

Whether you’re looking for a Sadowsky Masterbuilt, Sadowsky Metroexpress, Sadowsky Metroline, or something from the Sadowsky Artist Series… we’ve got you covered!

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