Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Shape Shifter Signature Sansamp Pedal

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Geddy Lee’s melodic playing is replete with harmonic ear candy, eschewing run-of-the-mill root-note plodding for higher-register, lead-like parts. Hard-hitting bass lines like Lee’s demands an equally hard-hitting tone. That’s where the Tech 21 YYZ Geddy Lee Shape-shifter Signature Sansamp comes in. The YYZ packs the essence of Geddy Lee’s tone — and his gargantuan rack rig — into a compact pre-amplifier/DI pedal. And, best of all, this fly-by-night setup does it without sacrificing an ounce of tone. To top it off, you can even pipe this massive tone straight into a PA. This all-analog pedal supplies you with an expansive range of adjustability, unlocking a wide spectrum of bass tones. If you’re searching for way to achieve a colossal bass sound without a bulky stack of speaker cabs, take the YYZ Geddy Lee Shape-shifter Sansamp for a test drive — it delivers a thunderous tone worthy of the limelight.

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Tech 21 YYZ Shape Shifter Geddy Lee Signature Sansamp Pedal
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