Nordstrand Big J-Blade Series


Big J-Blades

The newest addition to our line of original Signature pickups, the Big J-Blade is Jazz-style single coil pickup, with a continuous sensing blade offered in two different winds to provide the style of tone specific to the individual player. One wind provides a “warm and wooly” tone, while an alternate wind provides a “clean and clear” tone. Plus, as proven by our original Big Blades, no more worries about making sure the pole pieces line up with your strings.

    These all new pickups features:

  • Two uniquely different winds
  • A striking and aggressive appearance
  • Uniform magnetic field blade design -no worries about pole spacing
  • Available in 4-string, 5-string, and 5-string Fender
  • 19mm maximum string pitch, works for most basses
  • Blade radius designed for even output in most basses – custom radius versions available soon
  • Standard Pickup Length is 3.73″
  • Fender pickup length is 3.97″ Bridge and 4.10″ Neck


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