Nordstrand 51 Split-J Pickups


Nordstrand 51 Split-J Pickups

The 51 Split-J drips dark… blats ballistic… in style – and you like it. It reminds you of the potential in sound – a swirling soup of splitting and recapitulating flavor. It is bubblethumpwhip articulate, with a vintage silhouette delivering rugcut eroticism and other somapsychedelic drugs. It can start with a shaded, twilight ooze, quick on its feet before sonocity curls toward a weight grafted from the heckticker heavy of its brother in honed body: Do you know the The Fifty-One P? If you do, and have felt it, you?ll recognize a familiar buck, a particular thump, in the resounding stir of the 51 Split-J.

Different from the weight of the Fifty-One P, the Split P finds ballast in darkness, where its dripblat boils topish heavy and its mids conduct contour construction across the shadow of the lows. In this darkness, the 51 Split-J affects straightforwardly: a rigorous lake of presence will wreak your musico-ecologies with a demarcating blot, inked in the eclipse which totalizes this difference. A dark drip. A velocititious blat. A decibel speak spat. Your bass WILL affect. It will blipelbwhooshbwampPOPsmack!

Technical Details:

  • Fifty-one P style pickup converted to a J shell
  • Alnico V magnets
  • Laser cut vulcanized fiber bobbins
  • Potted for twenty minutes in a paraffin-beeswax mix to contain any unruly frequency that may attempt to desecrate your desired tone


Standard Cover

  • Bridge: Length: 3.73″ (94.74 mm) – Width: .72″ (18.29 mm)
  • Neck: Length: 3.60″ (91.44 mm) – Width: .72″ (18.29 mm)

Long Cover

  • Neck & Bridge: Length: 4.50″ (114.3 mm) – Width: .72″ (18.29 mm)

American Standard

  • Bridge: Length: 4.10″ – Width: .72″
  • Neck: Length: 3.97″ – Width: .72″


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