Nordstrand 4 String Musicman


4 String MusicMan® Pickups

Replacement pickups for 4 String MusicMan® bass guitars

Please check the physical size of the pickups you want to replace to make sure the replacements fit properly.

MM 4.2

Humbucking (Dual Coil) 4 string Music Man® bass pickups
  • This pickup is an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® Music Man® pickup.
  • It uses the same wire, the same magnets, and has the same DC resistance. As a result, it sounds just like the early Music Man® basses that are so widely coveted.
  • Includes black cover.

MM 4.3

Humbucking (Tri Coil) 4 string Music Man® bass pickups
  • The MM4.3 will drop into a Music Man® Sterling® or other 3 way switched installation, and features a dummy coil on the bottom for silent single coil mode.
  • Like the MM4.2, the MM4.3 features Alnico V magnets and Heavy Forvar wire for an authentic early pre-Ernie Ball™ tone – punchy, growly, and fat.
  • Includes black cover.

MM 4.4

Humbucking (Quad Coil) 4 string Music Man® bass pickups
  • The MM4.4 is the pickup to use if you want all the switching options.
  • Each row of magnets is actually 2 coils (2 magnets each), so the pickup can be split and remain hum cancelling in any configuration.
  • Front coil, rear coil, series, parallel… This pickup has all the basses covered
  • Includes black cover.


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