Lusithand Devices Double NFP Jazz Plate

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In Stock!


Our Filter preamps, unlike common EQ/Preamps, allow you to completely change the character sound of your pickups by shifting its signature resonant peak. This, plus the ability to actively mix them, gives you a full new level of exciting tones not available on regular EQ preamps.

This is a direct replacement plate that will fit most Jazz basses. It’s solderless and very easy to install, no need for opening holes for batteries as a single 9v sits perfectly inside the cavity.

The instruments need to have the output Jack mounted directly on the body. It consists of 2x Volume potentiometers(Neck and Bridge), 1x Active/ Passive switch, 1x Passive 3-way Tone switch, and 2x Filters( Neck and Bridge).

The Filters are push-pull to activate a boost on the resonant peak of each preamp.

The Double NFP Jazzplate is just an easy way for Jazz bass players to have the Double NFP filter sound on their instruments in an easy and quick way to install.

The Double NFP Jazzplate is solderless and it should fit on most Jazz basses on the market without any modification to the routing cavity. Unlike the single version, the output Jack needs to be mounted to the instrument’s body, so, modifications to the instrument might be required.

The control plate keeps its traditional configuration of Neck Vol and Bridge Vol that is always in the circuit. It has a Passive/Active switch and 2x Filters, one per pickup. Each Filter acts as a second-order Lowpass filter with a resonant peak on its cutoff point (4khz) and the potentiometers allow you to sweep from 130hz and 4Khz on the Neck and 150Hz and 4Khz on the Bridge.

Also, a new feature, not shown in the picture, is a 3-way passive Tone switch (as featured on our 800TS Jazzbass preamps). This switch allows for adding two levels of high cut on your signal, acting as a passive tone control, just without a potentiometer. This feature works in passive mode only.

This is a great new way for you to get experimental with your instrument and stand out from the crowd and make your Tone, Your Tone.

Lusithand Devices
Double NFP Jazz Plate
In Stock!
Operation: 9v to 27v. Current Draw: +- 4.5 mAh (at 9v). All our preamps are solderless

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