Lusithand Devices 800JP Jazz Plate

In Stock!

In Stock!


Inspired on the GK800RB amplifier, served on a Jazzplate with active/passive switching and a new Contour switch feature.

Make it growl, make it deep, make it clear. It’s all there!!

The 800JP (previously 800TS) preamp borrows the EQ section of the famous GK800RB amplifier and squeezes it into an onboard preamp, loaded into a Jazz-plate, for you Jazz bass lovers.

This tone stack has some serious high-frequency power and a very deep bottom end, just like the amplifier it’s based on, allowing you to explore different tones directly from your instrument.

The Hi-mid and Treble controls are highly interactive; the same goes for the Lo-Mid and Bass controls and the overall sound is always very “cut through” and clear sounding. A new function, the Contour switch, allows to add a Pre-shape (V) EQ to the sound.

(To use with Jazz-basses with jack switch mounted on the body)

Lusithand Devices
800JP Jazz Plate
In Stock!
Active controls: -Stacked Bass/Treble -Stacked Hi-mid/Lo-mid -Contour switch Passive -3 Way Tone switch -Active/Passive switch This Jazz plate comes with two options; Neck Volume and Bridge Volume or Master Volume and Blend. Treble: Boost and cut around 4khz Hi- Mid: Boost and cut at around 1khz Bass: Boost and cut at around 60Hz Lo- Mid: Boost and cut at around 250Hz Contour Switch: EQ pre-shape (V) Active/Passive switch: on/off 3 way Passive Tone Switch: No Tone, Tone 1, Tone 2 Voltage: 9 to 27VDC Current Draw: +- 2mAh (9v)

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