HB2 Bass Tuning Machine


Upgrade your USA ’67-’82 Fender P & J Bass. Hipshot has created the American Classic Series bass tuning machines to provide you with unprecedented smoothness and accuracy for years to come.

27-to-1 gear ratio ensures years of accurate tuning.

Fits 11/16″ headstock bore holes.

Package Includes:

  • 1 HB2 Tuner
  • Installation Instructions and Mounting Hardware

Please Note:

The need for treble side or bass side tuners is due to the varying configurations of headstocks. If you are using a right hand 4-string Fender Style bass then 4 bass side tuners is required. If your 4-string Fender bass is left-handed then 4 treble side tuners is required. If you are using a right hand 4-string MusicMan then 3 bass side and one treble side is required.


Product Dimensional Drawing

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