Hipshot 5 String B Style Fender® Mount Bridge


Retrofits your Fender Deluxe and other string through body Fender bass. Mounts using the four screw holes.

These bridges utilize string through body option that retrofit your Fender 5 String Bass.

Type B saddles feature solid brass barrel saddles, quick release string loading and a variety of contours and shapes. All Hipshot bridges are CNC machined from solid aluminum or brass billet. Precision side-to-side saddle fit provides maximum support for superb tone and rattle free performance.

These are available in two different material constuctions: Brass and Aluminum.

Aluminum is available Satin, Chrome, and Black Finishes. Brass is available in Chrome, Black, and Gold. These bridges are available in spacings of .708″(18mm) .


Product Dimensional Drawing

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