Hipshot 4 String Rickenbacker Bridge (Pre 2020)

Currently Unavailable as per Hipshot


Hipshot 4 String Rickenbacker Bridge (Pre 2020)

The Rickenbacker® Bass Replacement Bridge will shake the faith of the most ardent Rick purists. Say goodbye to “tail lift”, maddening intonation and string height adjustments once and for all! Direct retrofit and Rickenbacker®-inspired design maintain the original look, feel, and tone of your beloved bass with absolutely no modifications. Simply remove your old bridge, drop in the Rickenbacker® Bass Bridge, and enjoy superb tone and playability for generations to come.

  • Fits Rickenbacker Basses made in 2019 and earlier.
  • Machined from solid aluminum for springy highs or solid brass for exceptional punch and sustain
  • Innovative micro-adjust saddle design allows for an additional 1/16″ [1.5mm] of side-to-side adjustment for even greater string spacing possibilities
  • Groove-locking saddle design prevents saddles from slipping and buzzing.
  • Rugged construction and premium materials ensure that the bridge will never warp or bend
  • Available in chrome, black, and gold finishes
  • Bridge is ambidextrous so it fits left hand and right handed basses


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