Hipshot 4 String B Style Fender® Mount Bridge


Retrofits your Fender Deluxe and other string through body Fender bass. Mounts using the three center mounting holes.

These bridges utilize string through body option that retrofit your Fender 4 String Bass.

Type B saddles feature solid brass barrel saddles, quick release string loading and a variety of contours and shapes. All Hipshot bridges are CNC machined from solid aluminum or brass billet. Precision side-to-side saddle fit provides maximum support for superb tone and rattle free performance.

These are available in two different material constuctions: Brass and Aluminum.

Aluminum is available Satin, Chrome, and Black Finishes. Brass is available in Chrome, Black, and Gold. These bridges are available in spacings of .750″ (19mm) .


Product Dimensional Drawing

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