Damnation Audio Dirtmixer Bass Blender

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The Damnation Audio Dirtmixer is an update to the original True Bypass Loop Blender. It is designed to blend just the right amount of contoured low end into a heavily distorted bass tone. The Dirtmixer expands on the original’s legacy by adding a selectable Dry Blend Contour to maintain bass clarity in any mix.

Damnation Audio
In Stock
CONTROLS: BLEND – Adjusts the level of the parallel dry blend signal. PHASE – Adjusts the polarity of the loop signal. Up is out of phase and down is in phase. Adjust to what sounds best. DRY CONTOUR – In the up position the Damnation Contour emphasizes punchy low-end while removing unwanted clank. This allows for the filtered low end to mix easily with the loop signal without muddying up your tone. The down position is your input signal with no alterations. IN – Bass guitar input. SEND – To input of pedal in the loop. RETURN – From output of pedal in the loop. OUT – To input of amp. POWER – Use only 9VDC 2.1mm center negative (boss-style) power adapters. Isolated pedal specific power supplies are highly recommended. Damnation Audio pedals are designed for maximum headroom and ideal performance with a 9V supply. Going above 9VDC may damage your pedal and void any warranties. Damnation Audio pedals do not accept 9V batteries.

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