Damnation Audio Dirt Fixer/ Bass Blender & Equalizer

In Stock!

In Stock!


Introducing the expanded and super deluxe follow up to the Damnation Audio True Bypass Loop Blender, the all new Damnation Audio Dirtfixer.

Many pedals on the market pitch the idea of a studio-style bass signal chain that can achieve the perfect blend of clean and drive to produce huge low end and also cut through the mix. But you will have just one choice of a clean blend sound that dumps a ton of treble clank into your tone. Then the distortion sound is someone else’s vision of what bass distortion should sound like or is clearly intended for one genre of music in particular, and what you really just want is your favorite pedal with a little MORE here and a little MORE there. The NEW Damnation Audio Dirtfixer gives you the tools to solve all these problems with a powerful EQ to shape the tone of pedals in the loop and a parallel clean blend with full range and contour modes to build a foundation of punchy low end and cutting midrange.

The Dirtfixer can reshape the tone of fuzzes and distortions, add weight to modulation and delay effects, and even function as a powerful preamp in a pinch. Dirtfixer can refine generic distortion boxes into monster walls of sound with no loss of low end. It can turn a thin midrange heavy “transparent” overdrive into a djent machine if you want. No longer are pedals divided between guitars and bass. Use what you want. We won’t judge since the Dirtfixer turns every pedal into a bass pedal. Want proof? See our clips of classic distortion pedals paired with a Dirtfixer then let us know what you want to hear us demo.

Damnation Audio
Dirtfixer Bass Blender/EQ
In Stock!
IN – Bass guitar input SEND – To input of pedal in the loop RETURN – From output of pedal in the loop OUT – To input of amp 9V – 9V (only) center negative DC input And now CONTROLS: WET – Volume level of pedal in the loop DRY – Volume of clean signal BASS – 100Hz boost/cut on WET signal LOW MID – 300Hz boost/cut on WET signal HIGH MID – 800Hz boost/cut on WET signal TREBLE – 2.2kHz boost/cut on WET signal POLARITY – Adjusts the polarity of the WET signal from 0 to 180 degrees. Dry Filter – Switch between a full range clean blend or the new dry contoured low pass. More details are available in the Dirt Fixer Manual.

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