Alpha-Omega Photon


The Alpha-Omega Photon combines Darkglass’ signature Alpha-Omega parallel distortion with the versatile format of the Aggressively Distorting Advanced Machine. In addition to powerful distortion and studio-quality compression, the Alpha-Omega Photon is capable as an audio interface via USB-C or an amp replacement using cab sim IRs and XLR DI output.

Key Specs
Unique distortion engine which blends aggressive distortion with multi-band compression for a thick and powerful bass tone
Compression and distortion can be bypassed independently, and both have 5 selectable modes
Selectable cabinet simulation with 5 on-board IRs. Can be used with the headphone output, XLR DI output, or stereo line outputs
6-band graphic EQ with the same touch sensitive sliders found on the Element
MIDI input to externally control parameters
Audio interface capability over USB-C

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